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England is the largest of the nations that make up the United Kingdom and a favourite destination for holiday goers.  With almost 52m citizens there are plenty of activities across each region of England although most holiday seekers travel to London, the East Midlands, Yorkshire, and the South East.

Of course, the most popular area of England is London, which is not only its capital but one of the largest metropolitan cities of the world.  The capital is known for its finance centre, fashion sense, club and pub scene, as well as culture and theatre.

Outside of London, England has many other metropolitan areas that welcome holiday goers such as Bristol, Birmingham, Brighton, Manchester, and Liverpool.  Those looking for nightlife often head to Brighton for the cultured harbour club experience, while those who want to partake in a great deal of entertainment and shopping opportunities head to Birmingham and Manchester.

The weather of England is often portrayed as cold, rainy, and dreary, however this is not the entire truth as the weather changes every day and is quite unpredictable.  England has experienced some hot summers over the past few years, and overall gets less rainfall than Paris depending on what area you stay in.  Thus, the best time to book an English hotel is generally in Spring or Summer although autumn can be a moderate time depending on the shift in weather patterns.

Public transportation in England is very well developed with one of the most extensive rail systems in the entire world.  Due to this fact no matter where your hotel is located getting around the country is simple and usually efficient.  Within some major cities the tube (London) or trams (several city’s including Manchester) are reliable and a cost effective way to travel, while commuter rail systems are excellent ways to travel to and from scattered historical sites.

While most people head to London exclusively, to get the full England experience it is better to venture out of the capital and head over to some of the smaller coastal towns and National Parks.  There are many bed and breakfast hotels throughout the country that will allow you to enjoy the serenity of the countryside and plenty of alternative cities that make great day trips such as City Marque and Leeds in Yorkshire.

The best way to see the most attractions and cultural delights throughout England while on a budget is to join organizations such as the English Heritage and National Trust temporarily.  Even if you only are a member for a few months your membership guarantees you free access to each property that falls under their umbrella organization.

Those who want to take in the natural side of England should take care to indulge in a few hiking trails located in the Peak District or the Lake District.  Most small hotels in the country should be able to point you towards a path.

Additionally, other great escapes outside of walking include the world famous golf courses and the sandy beaches of Devon and Cornwall.

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